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3500 Lumens DLP 3D Short Throw Projector

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3500 ANSI Lumens DLP Short Throw Projector PDA300XT

1.High Brightness and Contrast Ratio

3500 lumens brightness will provide you with bright and clear pictures.3000:1 contrast shows the state of

“black and white clarity”. It should be preferred for enterprises and institutions at the meetings.

 2. Various Interfaces

It is equipped withvarious standard interfaces to adjust to different signal source.there are 2 VGA input,1 HDMI input,1video input,1 S-video input,1RS-232and1 USB control port.The physical resolution is 1024*768 and the Maximum is 1920*1080. Pictures, PowerPoint, word or others will be displayed perfect.

3.Energy Saving, Pro-environment, Long Working Life

The machine uses Technical power - off Protection circuit which can make Super capacitor discharge in circuit when power off, keep the turbofan spin, and ensure the bulb lose heat, thereby prolonging the life of lamb.

The two modes of energy– saving and standard are realized by using efficient bulb of world famous brand and MCU, the specific microcontroller.

4.Unique Design of Dustproof

Sunken lens, avoid touching with special frosted lens cap allows you free from worry.DMDreflector will unaffected by dust.

5.Support 3D        

The machine integrates DLP Link3D display into DMD chip, realizing software control completely and supporting 3D.          

6.Countdown Function

With countdown prompting function, it guaranteesthe accurate time control of lectureto ensure the meeting runs smoothly.

7.Automatic Shutdown without Signal

Without signal, the machine will shuts off automatically within 15 minutes which is default setting. You can also set manually.This fully reflects the efforts from Changhong towards answering the call of energy saving and discharge.

Effect of Projection

FLYIN Model:

Digital 3D Projector PDA300XT

3D Projector                                                                            YES

Display Tech

Single 0.55” DLP Display

Display Panel

 TI DLP (0.55" DMD)




3500 ANSI Lumens


XGA (1024×768) Native

Contrat Ratio

5000:1 (full on/full off),dynamic 10000:1

Lens Spec

                                                        1.1X Manual Zoom / Focus Lens



Throw Ratio

100"@1.36 m

Throw Distance

1.2-10 m

Aspect Ratio

16:10 (Standard) / 4:3 (Compatible)


Auto Keystone:±30° 

Noise Level

Normal, 36dB@2m


HDMI*1; Video;S-Video; 3.5mm stereo mini jack*1,  D-Sub 15 pin x2 , 2W speaker x1,VGA(INPUT2);Audio out(Mini-Jack)  Control: RS232.mini USB port(For Firmware Upgrade )


VGA(INPUT2);Audio out



Vido compatibility

PAL/SECAM/NTSC/NTSC4.43/PAL-M/PAL-N 1080p/1080i/1035i/720p/576p/480p/576i /480i


230W Osram lamp,lamp life 6000 hours

Lamp life


H-Synch Range

15~100 KHz

V-synch Range


Standby Power


Power comsumption


Power Supply

100~240V AC @ 50~60 HZ

Operation Temp


Store Temp



                                                                     294mmX 212mm X 106mm


3.6 KG

Standard  Accessories

User Manual*1, Power Cord*1, Remote Control*1, VGA Cable*1, Warranty Card,Qualified card,

1.2 VGA input ,YPbPr/YCbCr input,1VGA output,HDMI input,S terminal,Video,Audio,Anti-theft interface,RS232USB upgrading interface.

2.Support HDTV(480i/p,576i/p,720p,1080i)Full NTSC,NTSC4.43 ,PAL,PAL-A,PAL-M,PAL-N,SECAM, etc.

3.Smart Storage Buffer:Releasing power instantly when abnormal and abrupt to keep the turbofan spin at double speed and extend its working life.

4.3D-READY:Support 3D.

5.Picture Hidden:In teaching or at meetings, it can hide the projection picture when necessary to protect the lamp and offer convenience for teaching as well.

6.Signal adapt automatically:searching signal automatically when turning on,checking input signal  without manual adjustment .

7.Signal Source Locked:Lock input signal interface and save operation time.

8.Infinite Regeneration:After each replacement of lamb, application effect is nearly like a new one’s.

9.Ultra-Quiet Design:The machine creates a good environment for you with working noise lower than 36Db.

10.Cooling Fan of Variable Frequency Mode:The fan operates with double speed automatically after turn off.

11.Automatic Shutdown without Signal:The machine will shut off automatically if there is no signal within set time.

12.Password Security:password protection,to avoid damage of key components due to misoperation or usurping

13.Characters Sharpened: Multiple sharpening on text display makes it clear.

14.High Altitude Mode:According to the features of high altitudes, we further increase the operation efficiency of the fan to ensure the projector works smoothly.

Packing List

Projector*1,VGA  line*1,Power line*1,Remote*1,Specification*1,Lens Cap*1,Warranty*1