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3D Holographic Film

Self adhesive holographic screen film for exhibition/window/shopping mall display screen, high-definition holographic screen! Transparent + grey +white + dark grey! Holographic rear projection film is an adhesive. So it can be easily put onto glass or any acrylic surface Perfect convenient, widly used in: Transparent window displays and in-store exhibitions. Auto show, wedding photo studio, bank, gym, store, restaurant, exhibition hall, airport, cinema, bus station, metro, ticket centre, advertising, design studio, AV store and so on...
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1. Pet film optical projection screen with high-quality smooth polyester film material, by a layer of spread adhesive, hardened layers, antistatic layers, with water can be easily attached to the glass and use a transparent acrylic board. 

2. Clear and bright image quality, ultra-light weight, any shape is available, easy to install, double-sided imaging, does not destroy the original decoration. 

3. Easy to install, size can be customized cut, any shap, any size is avaliable. Particularly suitable for rough environments 

4. Only 0.2mm thick, the holographic screen are completely above all the market front cast or rear projection screen or LCD screen, in terms of sharpness, contrast, color fidelity, light effect. 

5. The high refresh rate, no flash, low visual fatigue, without any harm to human body, so no need to worry about your healthy, just enjoy the visual pleasure

 THICKNESS UM 100 100 100 100100 
 TRANSMITTANCE % 92 81 54 72 88
 HAZE % 93 93 95 98 33.5
 5 4 3 6 6
 VIEW ANGLE ° 150 120 120 180 150
 200:01 300:01 400:01 200:01 200:01
 TYPE H 2 2 2 2 3
 SIZE(WIDTH X LENGTH) 1524mm x30m (60inch x100ft)